Reusable cups

All reusable cups are dishwasher safe, recyclable, break-resistant, CE marked, neutral in taste, food-safe, Made in Germany, stackable and comply with all current regulations. Our range includes cups in all sizes, with or without rim, transparent, milky, frosted or clear.

The right cups for any occasion - for any purpose:

Rimmed cups

The classic model C – is our best selling model. Advantages of the reusable plastic cup C are the shortest stacking height, easy visible fill line and smooth rim for comfortable drinking pleasure.

Rimless cups

Reusable cups without rim. The reusable drinking cup in the classic shape. Stacking spines inside each cup combined with all the well-known features of our cups.

Plastic drinkware

Our plastic drinkware looks like real glass, but with all the advantages of our plastic cups – light, durable, dishwasher safe and in some cases even stackable.

Our cups

All our cups are reusable cups, deposit cups, hard plastic cups, beer cups, plastic glasses, etc.

In contrast to disposable cups, filled reusable cups do not deform simply by holding them in the hand. Hot drinks do not impair the function or use of the reusable cups.