reusable cup A 0,25 ltr. PP NG transparent

stackable,  returnable cup for cold and hot drinks

cups per box for unprinted cups: 336 pcs, 60 x 40 x 30 cm, 13 kg

CE - graduation mark: 0,25 ltr.  - capacity: 330 ml brimful
material: Polypropylene (pp), transparent, highgloss surface
data:  Ø top 68 mm, Ø bottom 53 mm, height 124 mm, weight 38 g

Made in Germany BPA free recyclable dishwasher safe for cold drinks for hot drinks food-safe CE-graduation marktransparent

Minimum order for printed cups: 1 C up to 1.152 pcs. - 4 colours up to 1.920 pcs.

printing method: wrap-around printing,
silk screen print (SD), max. 5 colours, max. imprint area 65 x 172 mm (hxl)
cups per box for printed cups: 384 pcs.