bottle cooler Kristall Frost *** Crushed Ice

Flaschenkühler aus Kunststoff 0778

Bottle cooler made of acrylic glass with double-wall system and refined with stainless steel. The new bottle cooler series with crushed-ice-effect create a unique and unknown optical appearance. Based on that every cooler becomes a design object which automatically all eyes are on. By the medium in the inner side of the double-walled container cooling energy is picked up much better than an unfilled situation. Therefore you will get a pro-active cooling reaction which also brings non-cooled contents to a well done drinking temperature. In addition very interesting: By shaking the cooler you get again and again new formations of the filling - amazing!

  • Decoration: pad printing up to 5 colours, 50- 60 mm at 1 place, engravement on the ring - max. 30 mm
dishwasher safe recyclable BPA free for hot drinks for cold drinks break resistant food-safe Made in EU Becher in allen Größen Made in Germany CE-graduation mark

data: oben: 130 mm unten 126 mm höhe: 210 mm inner diameter: 95 mm packed: 1 piece in single box minimum order for printed Cooler: 50 pcs.