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Carafe 1,0 ltr. Polycarbonat

Carafe 1,0 ltr. Polycarbonat

carafe 1,0l , unbreakable, clear, PC

  • graduation mark: 1 L ,    capacity: ca. 1200 ml
  • pitcher per box: 12 pcs, 51 x 31 x 28 cm, 6 kg
  • small quantities available
  • printing: not possible
dishwasher safe recyclable BPA free for hot drinks for cold drinks break resistant food-safe Made in EU Made in Germany CE-marking

material: polycarbonate (PC), crystal-clear, dishwasher save, shatter-resistant, all materials and colour additives are in accordance with
the food law approved by BGA and FDA

data: Ø top 70 mm, Ø bottom 96 mm, height 250 mm, weight 216 g extas: Cover optional

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