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bottle cooler frosted - without cooling liquid

Flaschenkühler aus Kunststoff mit Kühlsole

The cooler is filled with a special transparent cooling liquid.
The use is remarkably simple. Just put the whole bottle-cooler into the freezer for a couple of hours before use.
The cooling liquid in the cooler will then freeze and keep the temperature for a longer time.
Water, wine, sparkling wine and champagne will thus stay cool and fresh for up to 3 hours.
Real ice-crystals appear on the outside of the cooler during melting (real-frost-effect***)...
an optical highlight, which should not be missed on any table!

Made in Germany recyclable

data: top: 140 mm, botton: 105 mm, heigth: 220 mm
inner diameter: 95 mm
packed: 1 piece in single box

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